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securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

6 Tips For Making A Home Security System Work With Pets

by Karen Welch

Sharing your home with half a dozen different cats and dogs means you'll never feel all alone at home again. However, all the activity in a house full of animals makes it a little trickier to install a basic home security system. Protect your pets without setting off your alarms every few minutes with these six customization ideas.

Add a Video Feed

Want to check in to see how your pets are getting along or trying to catch evidence of which animal is making a mess in the kitchen? Monitor your home from afar by adding a few wireless cameras to your security system. If you invest in home automation or security equipment that you can control from your smart phone, you can check the feed every few minutes without interrupting your day.

Upgrade the Sensors

The motion sensors that come with base security systems are sensitive enough that a dog or cat can easily set them off. This means you'll get a lot of false alarms until you invest in a set of motion sensors designed for pets. Careful calibration helps these units focus on the direction of the movement and the size of the object moving to eliminate alarms set off by a cat strolling past a window.

Arrange the Equipment

Once you have ordered a full set of pet immune sensors, you still need to place them carefully for effective results. Watch out for common mistakes like:

  • Installing sensors on the stairs, where pets climbing up still appear like a moving human
  • Failing to keep pets away from the major entryways with gates, an idea that allows you to use sensitive sensors near entry points for criminals
  • Setting up detectors on shelves and bookcases where your cats regularly jump and climb

Go with Wireless

Is one of your pets notorious for chewing on anything it can reach? Protect the entire household from electrical shocks and power outages by sticking with wireless equipment instead of cameras and alarms with exposed wiring. Professional installers feed wiring through the walls when mounting access pads and lights, but some camera and motion sensor components may still have exposed wires unless you stick with a complete wireless security system.

Wireless security equipment also makes it easier to access information while you're away. Even if you don't invest in a system with integrated smart phone control, you can set up Internet access to get email and text alerts when a fire alarm goes off or someone opens the front door.

Adjust the Climate

Leaving home and forgetting to switch on the air conditioning could leave your dog or cat at risk for heat exhaustion, but temperatures changes are even more dangerous for tropical fish living in aquariums. Your home security system can give you access to your thermostat, lights, and even window blinds if you invest in some automation upgrades. It's best to integrate these kinds of controls into a security suite so everything important is accessible from a single application.

Streamline the Accessibility

Are you worried that a security system will make it harder for you to hire a dog walker or let a pet sitter access your home during a vacation? Look for a package with guest access codes so you can control who can come and go without handing over your keys. With advanced code pads, you can set a code that only works during certain times and days of the week.

Don't think that you have to choose between a fulfilling life with pets or peace of mind from a security system. With some minor adjustments and upgrades, your security equipment will help protect your pets instead of getting set off randomly by them.

Some of these security system options could also be integrated into areas of the commercial sector, improving the level of safety away from home as well.