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securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

I own my own auto repair shop and have done rather well with it over the years. About a year ago, some of the cars parked outside of my garage were broken into and some things were stolen out of them. Since they were parked on my property, my insurance had to cover the cost of replacement which made my rates go up. I had to install a security system to appease the insurance company and provide my customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles would be safe with me. Learn more about securing an auto repair shop and parking lot on my blog.


securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

Things To Do When You Have A Security System

by Karen Welch

When you get a security system for your home you want to make sure you continue to do everything in your capabilities to keep your home as safe as possible. While a security system can be your best line of defense against intruders, there are still some things you want to make sure you do and others you want to avoid doing. Once you have a security system installed, you want to avoid making these common mistakes:

Don't get in the habit of leaving the system unarmed

While it may be an extra step to arm and disarm your security system when you are in a rush or have your hands full, it must be done. There is no reason for getting a system if you are only going to leave it off, so it won't be protecting you and you will have wasted your money.

Don't neglect your other home security habits

Even though you now have a security system in place, you still want to make sure you do everything possible to continue protecting your home in every way you can. Along with setting the alarm you also want to continue locking your doors, locking your windows, keeping your valuables out of plain site, not putting your keys in an obvious spot like under the doormat and letting your newspapers stack up in your driveway when you are out of town.

Don't forget about those security system advertisements

When you get a security system it will come with a yard sign and stickers for your windows. While you may think this is just the company's way of getting their name out there, and it is. However, these items also serve another purpose that can benefit you. By making use of those signs and stickers, you will be letting it be known that your home is protected by a security system. This is a fantastic deterrent for criminals that will keep many of them moving past your home onto ones that aren't protected by systems.

Don't let your code get out

Whenever you enter your code, you want to make sure a delivery man, neighbor or anyone else not in your household can see it being entered. You also want to make sure you don't have it written down where someone can gain access to it. If you ever feel that the code may have been jeopardized, then the best thing that you can do is to change it again, right away.

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