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securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

I own my own auto repair shop and have done rather well with it over the years. About a year ago, some of the cars parked outside of my garage were broken into and some things were stolen out of them. Since they were parked on my property, my insurance had to cover the cost of replacement which made my rates go up. I had to install a security system to appease the insurance company and provide my customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles would be safe with me. Learn more about securing an auto repair shop and parking lot on my blog.


securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

Crime Rate Going Up? How To Boost Your Home Security

by Karen Welch

If the crime rate is going up in your area this can be stressful and scary. Fortunately, you can boost your home security. Below are two ways you can do this so you and your family will feel much safer in your home.

Install a Security System

The best thing you can do is to install a security system. In order to do this, contact a security company in your area. When it comes to security systems, you do have options to choose from. One option is a wired system that uses your phone lines. The system connects to the phone lines and then connects to a control panel in your home. The main advantage of a wired system is that you do not have to worry about having a Wi-fi signal to keep your security system running. The main drawback is that an intruder could easily cut the phone lines to turn your security system off.

There are also wireless systems that use a Wi-Fi signal instead of a phone line. This can be beneficial as you can control the security in your home from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you are at work and don't remember if you locked the door, you can use an app supplied by the security company to check if the door is locked while you are at work from your smartphone or tablet.

Install Security Lights

Along with a security system, you should consider installing security lights. In many cases, if an intruder walks up to a home and then everything lights up the intruder will leave. You can purchase and install security lights on your own or you can hire an electrician to do this for you. Security lights work by automatically turning on when something gets within a certain distance. This not only helps with security but also helps you and your family when you come home and it is dark outside. 

Consider putting security lights at your front and side doors. If you have a garage, you could put a security light around this also. This can help prevent someone from breaking into the garage. You can even install security lights inside your home. You can set these lights to turn off and on at certain times during the day. If an intruder sees lights on inside your home this can make an intruder think someone is home even if there isn't.

Talk with the security company that you hire, and they can give you many more maintenance tips.

For more information about home security, contact a company like Night Hawk Security.