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securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

I own my own auto repair shop and have done rather well with it over the years. About a year ago, some of the cars parked outside of my garage were broken into and some things were stolen out of them. Since they were parked on my property, my insurance had to cover the cost of replacement which made my rates go up. I had to install a security system to appease the insurance company and provide my customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles would be safe with me. Learn more about securing an auto repair shop and parking lot on my blog.


securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

Top Reasons To Invest In Smart Home Automation

by Karen Welch

Over the last decade, technology has advanced at a rapid pace. As technology has advanced, smart home devices have become increasingly popular, and many homeowners are opting to purchase multiple smart home devices in order to automate their home. Smart home automation is not a fad. As more people see all of the benefits of smart home automation, it is expected that sales of smart home devices will continue to climb and more and more households will use them. One of the good things about smart home automation is the fact that the devices needed are actually quite affordable. Some of the top reasons to invest in smart home automation for your house include the following.

Make Your Home More Secure

Traditional home security systems can be helpful, but they don't offer a fraction of the features that smart home security devices do. When you set up your house to have smart home automation, it is so much easier to make your home more secure. You will be able to access security cameras, lock or unlock smart locks, set up motion detectors, and receive alerts if any of your smart home security devices are triggered. This can give you great peace of mind, whether you're in your home or far away since you will always be able to monitor your house and make sure it is secure.

Boost Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, energy efficiency is something that is very important for many homeowners. Utilizing smart home automation is an easy way to boost your home's energy efficiency. When you have a smart thermostat, you can adjust the temperature shortly before you get home so your house is comfortable — there is no need to run the air conditioner or heater all day. Smart home automation also makes it easy to turn lights on and off. If you accidentally leave lights on, you will have the ability to turn them off even if you are not home.

Unmatched Convenience

For a lot of homeowners, smart home automation makes life much more convenient. After you set up your smart home automation system, you will be able to control all of your smart home devices with an app on your tablet or cell phone. If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot, you can push a button and turn on your air conditioner without even getting out of bed. Likewise, when you go on vacation, it is easy to log on to your app to access a security camera to check on your home and make sure that all is well. 

Reach out to a professional who provides smart home automation to learn more.