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securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

I own my own auto repair shop and have done rather well with it over the years. About a year ago, some of the cars parked outside of my garage were broken into and some things were stolen out of them. Since they were parked on my property, my insurance had to cover the cost of replacement which made my rates go up. I had to install a security system to appease the insurance company and provide my customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles would be safe with me. Learn more about securing an auto repair shop and parking lot on my blog.


securing an auto repair shop and parking lot

5 Reasons Your Tenants Want Web-Based Access Control Systems

by Karen Welch

Landlords must always be cognizant of and responsive to what today's tenants are looking for. And one modern rental feature that more and more tenants want to see is web-based smart access control. Why? Here are five of the most compelling reasons your tenant pool benefits from it. 

1. No More Keys. Few people enjoy having to use keys to lock and unlock property. They're inconvenient, they get lost easily, and they can only be in one place at a time. Access control systems remove the need for physical keys, giving tenants one less thing to worry about. 

2. One-Time Access. Just like you, renters have concerns about letting people in their homes. So when you have to give access to vendors, service persons, inspectors, and others, how can you give tenants confidence in their security? Program the access control system to authorize visitors for one time, a range of hours, or for a series of dates. Then, that access is automatically blocked.

3. Assistance Anywhere. Are you a remote landlord with buildings or units that aren't conveniently located for you to respond? Do you rely on a property management company with set hours? If so, web-based systems help you be more responsive. You can unlock units, change codes, authorize service persons' entry, and monitor conditions at the units from anywhere in the world. 

4. Visitor Convenience. More and more tenants use remote and delivery services for everything from their groceries and takeout orders to pet grooming and rides to the airport. When you provide a modern access control system, you make this more convenient and efficient. No one will need to run out with keys — or even need to be home to safely receive goods inside. 

5. Tracking Logs. When someone uses a traditional key to open a door, there's generally no log of that activity. But modern technology allows both the property owner and tenants to know who is coming and going as well as when and why. Although visitor tracking logs are usually used by landlords, renters can also know that their homes are secure, that services have been provided in their absence, and that their kids got home safe. 

Where to Learn More

It's easy to see why tenants want effective web-based access control security systems. Would you like to learn how you can provide that for them? No matter how large or small your landlord business or what your budget is, the best place to begin is by consulting with a security system service in your area today. 

Contact a security company to learn more about web-based access control systems